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About Us

We are big software fans. We know and remember best programs for old Windows 95 and made a list of top-rated apps for actual Windows 10 version. Here at SoftorApps we provide an online catalog of the best Windows software, that worth to be installed.

Why SoftorApps

We know that internet is full of websites like ours. Also, we know all of them's disadvantages. Our goal is to create one place where users can find all and honest information about best Windows software, useful tips, and guides and became part of the community. That's why we provide:

  • Full software reviews. All software at SoftorApps is honestly reviewed. We show all good and bad sides of every app.
  • Useful blog. SoftorApps blog is not just a place with articles. Is an online journal with most useful guides, software list and trouble solving tips.
  • Community. Discuss favorite software, ask help or help other users.

Currently, we at an early stage and more is needed to do. But we believe that SoftorApps will become the best place for our users.

Contact Details
b McDonald Rd, Edinburgh EH7 4LZ


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