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About Us

We are huge fans of mobile apps and games. It all started with custom builds of simple apps and games for Symbian and early Windows Mobile. After the release of the first iPhone In 2007, we realized how much apps will mean for mobile users in the future and decided to create a catalog of smartphone apps and games to help users choose the best products available on the App Store and Google Play. At last, we did it, and SoftorApps is now at your service!

Why SoftorApps

The Internet is full of websites like ours, but we studied all their disadvantages. As a result, we created a universal place where users can find all the latest and most honest non-promotional reviews of the best iOS and Android apps and games. Besides, we provide useful tips and comprehensive how-to guides for a variety of things.

On our website, you can explore:

  • Full app and game reviews – all the apps and games that we highlight at SoftorApps are supplied with detailed non-promotional reviews so that you can compare both the good and bad sides of each app.
  • Useful blog articles – we also publish dozens of helpful articles every month. In our online magazine, you can find the lists of the best apps and games, troubleshooting instructions, and various how-to guides.
  • Community – our website has a large friendly community of iOS and Android power users who are always ready to help each other.

We’ve already done so many things, but SoftorApps is still at the early development stage. Stay tuned to help us grow and expand the archive of reviews and blog articles. If you have any offers or want to join our team of mobile experts, you’re welcome to contact us via the Contact Form below. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

Contact Details
b McDonald Rd, Edinburgh EH7 4LZ


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