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10 Best Strategies for Android and iOS

10 Best Strategies for Android and iOS on Best Software Center Blog

Mobile gaming produces dozens or maybe hundreds of strategies annually. Of course, the majority of them remain far from large RTS for PCs and other consoles. However, some games look impressive. We are ready to tell you about the top 10 mobile strategy games on Android and iOS.

Nova Empire

What could be more mysterious and attractive than space? If you think that nothing beats it, Nova Empire is a game to try for you.

It’s a beautiful, entertaining and deep space strategy. Despite the simplifications that are usual for mobile gaming, here, the player needs to be everything at once: the commander of the local fleet, manager, soothsayer, diplomat, researcher, traveler, and strategist.

Nova Empire is multi-layered and complicated. Therefore it requires serious preparation and, at the same time, adequately teaches the basics of the game, which means it gives anyone a chance to become a new space explorer.

nova empire mobile strategy game poster image

Rise of Civilizations

Rise of Civilizations is a wild mix of the popular computer series Age of Empires and legendary Clash of Clans. The creators brought into the game eight civilizations and twenty-seven historical heroes. There’s also a well-developed system for the development of the city.

It’s one of these good mobile strategy games with a vast global map and ambitious battles of armies. Beautiful cartoon graphics and epic are included.

Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans is the strategy with the coolest graphics among the games from this list. The game can compete with many war strategy video games for consoles. Every detail in the game is three dimensional: the buildings, trees, bushes, grass, warriors, all your titans.

Everything looks so beautiful and realistic that you are surprised at your smartphone’s’ capability.

In addition to the outstanding picture, there are large-scale PvP battles in real-time, the ability to develop the kingdom, including capturing of new territories. You can also improve your titan and army. The in-game store has not gone away, and for the flight graphics, you have to be strict with requirements to the stuffing of your smartphone.

War of Empire Conquest

War of Empire Conquest is a fascinating 3v3 Arena Game. In it, you can design your own challenging match games for other players to try.

Take command of Chinese, Persian, Gothic, Mayan, or one of 18 other empires. It’s up to you to make your civilization powerful and flourishing. Besides fights, you have to spend some time gathering essential resources for building and army improvement. The players have to be ready to use your imagination and strategy skills. You’ll need them both in battle and peacetime.

Highrise Project

Highrise Project is a game for those who prefer more peaceful games away from the battlefield. It’s is a simulator in which you need to build your own skyscraper.

You’ll have to provide each floor of the great building with water and electricity. Organizing of waste collection also falls on your shoulders. At the same time, it is crucial to maintain a balance between the common technical premises, offices, and apartments.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. gives you a chance to become the one who decides the fate of humanity. Your main goal in this strategy game is to create a disease and infect the whole world.

During the game, you’ll have to make critical decisions: choose which country will have the first victims, find the best way to move to another continent, and so on. It’s essential to develop your own strategy for Plague Inc.

The icing on the cake is that you can improve your disease. For example, antibiotic resistance or the possibility of infection through the air are available. However, you have to be ready that sooner or later, humanity will start to develop medicine.

plague inc mobile strategy game gameplay image

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is one more allusion to Civilization. You need to develop your cities, move units across cells, build bases, and capture enemy villages.

It’s some kind of Civilization in miniature. There is even a tree of technologies, but it’s not so large. However, in the Battle of Polytopia, you don’t have a peaceful way to win. Battles don’t last for an hour, but for 10-15 minutes, which is ideal for a mobile game. You definitely won’t miss your station.

Command and Conquer: Rivals

Rivals is the mobile branch of one more popular strategy series Command & Conquer. Gameplay mechanics, which is close to ingenious, makes Rivals not only one of the best mobile games but also one of the prominent strategies because it’s so exciting to play it.

It’s a strategy in its purest form. The creators cut out everything that could make you bored, including long resource mining. They left only the fulminant and enthralling battles. Besides, there’s no disrespect for the fans of the series! Rivals don’t affect the main plot of the universe.

The Banner Saga

This game is a unique combination of RPG, strategy, and visual novel, highly praised by critics and players. The Banner Saga tells the story of a doomed people who travel through a magical world full of references to Scandinavian mythology.
There are turn-based battles, during which you need to find a balance between attack and defense, controlling fighters of different classes. As you progress, you have to make difficult decisions. In this gloomy world, the line between good and evil has been erased. Any action can have far-reaching consequences.


Majesty is a mobile version of popular in the 2000s RTS with the same name from Cyberlore studio. In addition to the outstanding cartoon style, good humor, and trendy pixel graphics, mobile Majesty took the mechanics of indirect control and RPG elements in the development of heroes and buildings from the original game.

The creators added a lot of fresh content to the new Majesty, as well as an addictive free-play mode. Be careful, game sessions could last you weeks in real-time.

Have Fun and Develop

Strategy is not only a way to kill time or have some fun. Through them, you can train your skills. In a good game of this kind, you will have to turn on your imagination and think out each next step. Download Android strategy games or games for iOS and share your thoughts on your favourites.

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