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The Best Smart Home Apps 2020

Are all windows closed? Are the lights off? Has anyone got into the apartment? If your home is connected to the Internet, one glance at the smartphone screen is enough to see everything that happens in your house. Thanks to modern smart technologies, you can just choose the best app for smart home and download it on your gadget. Anyway, here’s the list of my top three picks of smart home control apps to choose from.

Panasonic Home Network

Panasonic Home Network screenshot

Panasonic Smart Home security system will raise you an alarm with a phone call even if you are offline. The Panasonic Home Network System mobile app will also notify you of an incident via the Internet connection. An alarm can be triggered by one of the door (window) sensors, glass break, or water leakage from the Starter Kit Plus.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant screenshot

You can train Google Assistant to recognize the voices of your family members and customize responses. Each family member needs to create a Google account or sync an existing account with the Google Home app. At the end of the process, they can train Google by saying the wake-up words, then when you ask about your calendar or traffic on your way to work, the answer will be personalized.


SimpliSafe screenshot

SimpliSafe, the manufacturer of the well-known SimpliSafe Original home security system, has recently updated and improved all of its elements, including the app. All elements can be easily combined, configured, and installed in just 5 minutes. Use "Off", "Home" or "Away" modes depending on your location. Of course, all elements of the system can be controlled using a simple and straightforward app.

Which Smart Home Apps Do You Use?

Of course, this list is made based on my personal preferences, so you can agree or disagree with me. However, I’d be happy if you like any of the offered options! Don’t forget to share the article with your friends.