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How to Connect Smart Lights to Google Home: Step-By-Step Guide

If you are wondering how to set up Google Home when you installed Smart Lights, this is the right place to come. Check out the guide below to learn how to connect Google Home to Smart Lights easily.

Simple Guide on Home App Google

All Smart Lights kits come with instructions, so you can just follow them for the best result. However, if you don’t have time to deal with the manufacturer’s directions, follow these steps to set up the app quickly:

  1. Start the Google Home device;
  2. Log in the Google Home app and connect the device;
  3. Make sure you screwed in the Smart Light bulb in the same room with the Google Home gadget;
  4. Switch on the lights and check the Google Home app;
  5. When you see that Google Home app asks you to set up the light bulb, select ‘Yes’;
  6. Create a custom room where the light bulbs are located;
  7. Choose a unique name for every Smart Light bulb;
  8. Tap ‘Next’.

If you see that the light bulb blinks, you’ve done everything right. The lights are now connected to the Google Home app, so you can control them using the app itself or the Google Assistant. 

For convenient control, you can use these commands:

Changing Brightness

  • Hey Google, dim lights to 30%;
  • Hey Google, set lights to 50%;
  • Hey Google, make lights brighter.
  • Hey Google, make lights dimmer.

The temperature of the color

  • Hey Google, change lights to soft/cool/bright white;
  • Hey Google, change lights to candlelight;
  • Hey Google, change lights to white;
  • Hey Google, change lights to … kelvin (Range may change).

It’s Easy to Setup Google Home

Now you know how to connect Google Home to Smart Lights and operate the app easily. Simply follow the guide, and all the needed settings will be done in several minutes. By the way, if you like our guide, don’t be shy to tell your friends about us!