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TOP-5 Image-Editing Apps: For Different Kind Of Needs

TOP-5 Image-Editing Apps: For Different Kind Of Needs on Best Software Center Blog

Do you think photography is an art or activity subservient to anyone? Are you making hundreds of photos per week or only a few on special occasions? In both cases, you probably have images on your device which would be not bad to edit. The following apps in our TOP-5 list of photo-editing applications are ready to help you with it.



Looking for a reliable image viewer and editor? We have already found it for you. JPEGView is a program which works with different formats of images (actually not only with JPEG) and manages a bunch of amazing functions.

JPEGView supports a sufficient quantity of various file types in addition to JPEG so you can efficiently deal with them. These are TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, HDP, WEBP, JXR, WDP, CRW, PEF, DNG, NEF, CR2, MRW, NRW, RW2, ORF, DCR, KDC, SR2, RAF, and X3F. It doesn’t take much time to load and manipulate any format as the program processes quickly and non-glitchy.

With JPEGView, you can make editing operations from the simplest to more complex. Users who don’t expect much from editing will easily manage the program’s interface. They can resize and cut images, switching between a full-screen and actual image sizes. There are automatic functions like image enhancement and perspective correction that doesn’t take much time though make the images look much better.

All these useful options can be made with simple spinning the mouse wheel or using hotkeys. The straightforward interface will fall for both beginners and professionals liking.

For more demanding users, there are also loads of options to deal with. Brightness, contrast, color correction, fixing shadows and highlights, sharpness, and different masks are here at your disposal.

GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio

Everyone knows about GoPro - action cameras and accompanying accessories for them. These cameras are meant to capture the most active moments of your life, so they are suitable for athletes, travelers, extremals, and simply for all who likes to save the moments in a video- or photo-form.

But not much know about GoPro software which the company develops directly for use with their cameras. We will tell you in short about GoPro Studio - a useful app for working with videos and photos made with the GoPro cam.

With GoPro Studio app, you can easily upload, view, share, and import GoPro files. Then find your files at one location to edit them whenever you want it. There is a cluster of useful functions you can use for editing your GoPro media.

Though the majority of options is dedicated to sharing and editing video, you can also find some for working with photos. As you may have found out, GoPro cameras take high-quality photos, and you merely need editing them significantly.

GoPro Studio app gives you simple options of rotating, zooming, cutting, redefining borders, and so on. If you need fast editing for your GoPro photos, this app is exactly the choice.



Want to change your image’s size or format quickly? Then the PIXresizer app comes to your help!

Fast editing is what you really need for most of your photos. You don’t want to spend much time managing complicated options and editing tools if you are not a professional photographer.

So PIXresizer is a great choice for users who want to get a fast and simple photo editing with no time-wasting. It supports the option of transferring files to JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and BMP formats.

With its straightforward interface the app helping manuals, you can efficiently structure images into different folders, convert selected, and change such parameters as size, dimensions. You can as well enlarge the chosen images, change their DPI level, add shadow and grayscales, and so on.

PIXresizer is a convenient app as it doesn’t occupy much of device’s memory and indeed spares your time for photo-editing. It is suitable for users with various kinds of image-editing needs as it provides both basic and more advanced features.



Inkscape is a vector image editor that is considered to be an analog to such powerful editors like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Xara X, and Freehand. This app will suit users with professional image-editing needs.

First of all, Inkscape is suitable for creating and editing vector graphics. Thanks to the flexibility and convenience of its interface, even beginners will be able to master it quickly.

This app is highly-demanded for professional designers’ use. For those who only make the first steps in this sphere, the Inkscape will be the real find. As vector design is preferred in working with logos and illustrations, you will get an opportunity to manage such projects with Inkscape.

You can work with images, scaling them without losing quality. All projects prepared in Inkscape can be exported in a number of formats. You can choose a convenient file format for use in web browsers or printing houses.



Paint.NET is a legendary program and application for editing images. It can be easily named an image editor of all times because there is probably not a single person who didn’t use Paint at least once for life.

The Paint.NET app is a golden mean between too simple standard Paint and extremely complicated Photoshop. It can be used as a graphics editor thanks to the abundance of useful editing tools and enhancing effects. You can work with a bunch of images formats like JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PDN, DDS, TGA.

Paint.NET doesn’t occupy much place at device’s memory and is simple and intuitive in use. The interface elements such as palette, log, powerful zoom tools let you start editing with no special preparation.

Paint.NET offers you to use plenty of effects like saturation, blur, hue, noise, patterns, stylization, different kinds of imitation, red-eye removal, and many others. Of course, you can resize, crop, and convert your images into various formats.

For more demanding users, there are vector graphics tools which are also easy to understand and to use.

So we tried to represent diverse photo-editing applications for your device. Remains only to decide on with your editing needs and proceed to turn your photos or images into graphics masterpieces.

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