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Top 10 Music Apps for Windows 10

Top 10 Music Apps for Windows 10 on Best Software Center Blog

Now that Winamp is officially dead, and offline listening with its base limitations is out of fashion, no wonder that most music apps for Windows 10 are online radio or record store clients. Most of these are all about streaming music or purchasing it online, yet some of them are good at playing audios from your local collection.

To save confusion, we’ll only review music apps for those fond of listening. Creative professional software for composing, mixing, or mastering is quite a different subject. So what we do here is listen to the music in all its forms.

Amazon Music

One of the greatest online stores offers its own application, a bit similar to iTunes. That is, it offers both online streaming and your offline library of tracks you have bought on Amazon. You can systemize your digital purchases as well as the music you purchased on material carriers.

As you prefer streaming, you can access radio stations, curated playlists of fresh or classical hits, or suggestions based on what you already prefer. Amazon offers a free trial of membership of Prime Music that gives access to millions of tracks, but Unlimited Membership offers much more, including ad-free play, high-quality streaming, and so on.

But the main reason to prefer Amazon Music over iTunes or Pandora is its Alexa integration. With Alexa device you will get the most out of it, listening to the music with the greatest comfort ever.


The classical example of musical machine combines offline library, access to Apple Music services and iTunes music store. With it, you can purchase albums or separate tracks or import the music you already own, including purchases from other stores or rips from your own CDs. You can create playlists automatically or manually, sorting tracks by any parameter, like the author, performer, album, year, genre and so on.

There is no reasonable alternative to iTunes if you want to sync your music library with iPod or iPhone (for syncing books, movies, and podcasts it’s just as true).

Spotify Music

While the ones above combine online and offline features, Spotify is all about streaming. The service has collected one of the largest musical databases in the world, and it’s great at expanding your preferences based on those you have already shown. It offers excellent playlists for any type of music, and its plugins extend its functionality up to the sky. It’s one of those rare musical services that allow sharing tracks on Facebook via a special plugin.

Its desktop version offers a free plan, but it’s ad-supported, and sometimes your musical stream will be interrupted. Purchase the premium subscription to remove these restrictions.


While in general, the set of features Pandora offers is similar to that of Spotify, with database coinciding a lot, it has some unique possibilities. For example, you can use it on your Xbox, so you don’t have to keep your computer on or your phone connected to a home stereo. It offers personalized playlists, suggestions built upon what you already love, integration with game sounds, on-demand tracks and so on.

Although general experience has much in common with Spotify, Pandora has a smaller catalog (including millions of tracks, though, with a lot of your favorites). Its integration ability recompenses this a bit.

Alas, so far it’s only available in the USA, so non-residents better stick to any of the services above.


Radio has been given new birth in the online era, and it enjoys it and flourishes. We don’t have to alter our habits to enjoy the same musical richness delivered with new technologies. IHeartRadio is the XXI century embodiment of Freddie’s “radio, someone still loves you”.

As you get started, you select the genres you like, and get the stations available in this range. Then you just listen to it, and, if you like a song, you mark it with a heart. Finally, the songs you selected and their likes form your own personalized radio.

So far it’s available in the USA only, like Pandora. It covers most American local news and traditional musical preferences.

8tracks Radio

While most musical streaming services offer paid plans, this one is completely free, that means almost “ad-free” as well. Backed by talented DJ’s and great musicians, it offers a lot of music for any mood or situation. The collection consists of more than 1 million playlists, made by those in love with their sorts of music.

What’s the trick? The service just doesn’t store tracks by its own means. It takes it from YouTube or SoundCloud, according to the agreement and adding its playlist composing talents, and so we get tons of tracks organized to fit your tastes perfectly. Yes, it does offer its commercial version named 8tracks Plus. If you’re not sure, you can try Plus for 14 days.

Slacker radio

Slacker by LiveXLive Media is positioned as some kind of alternative. Nowadays when alternative artists make as big stars as mainstream ones, it may sound a bit deceiving, but it really has its distinct features. Most online radios offer their desktop and mobile apps, but what about cars? Slacker is for real car addicts, present in Tesla, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Lexus, Subaru, Toyota, and cars by other vendors. Slacker app is built into onboard systems by these car manufacturers, so you only need to enter your data to keep listening to it while driving. Its musical selection is just as wide as anyone’s; the same is with audio quality.

It’s only available in USA and Canada so far. But if you happen to live there, be sure that Slacker has your tastes covered too.

TuneIn Radio

Music follows us wherever we go. But are we only about music? For those fond of sports as well, TuneIn radio brings sports news, tracking what goes on at MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and other leagues. So you’ll always be aware of your favorite team’s news, along with (yes) listening to good energetic music. The playlists are curated by DJ’s manually, and their compilation skills are worth your attention.

The app (and the service) is primarily American, but it offers music and news from all over the world, bringing both acknowledged hits and newly found gems. Premium subscription allows for listening to sports broadcasts in real time and ad-free music and news.

Karaoke One

Karaoke makes everyone a star; but aren’t you tired of going to karaoke bars to sing? Or you want to rehearse before you go there again? Then Karaoke One is the application for you. Its database includes a lot of official voiceless phonograms, with lyrics included and back vocals recorded.

It’s more than a standalone app; it’s based on a social network of its own. You can upload your audios and videos and listen to other’s vocals. Here’s the place you can become a star by great performing or, on the contrary, by epic fails that make viewers laugh sincerely.

App Radio

After all these streaming fairytales above, App Radio is just an online radio. But most users need just that. You don’t even have to register to start listening to it. The selection is so great that you can always change the station to find something better. The interface is easy to understand straight away, and sound quality is good, too. So for those who only need good music in the background, that’s the perfect and the simplest option.

This selection of music apps for Windows 10 is not exhaustive, but it covers most users’ requirements. No matter if you’re willing to pay or to listen to ad-supported broadcasting for free: you’ll find yours on this list. Just give each of these services some time to check whether you’ll easily find yours on these waves.

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